Thai Food + Almond Butter = Good Food Day!

My mom came to Athens for lunch today, and we went to a restaurant called Siri Thai. Athens has several Thai restaurants, but this one is generally considered the most authentic. And everything is so delicious and fresh!! 

All the lunch entrees come with a soup and some kind of fried spring roll with duck sauce...I guess kind of like an egg roll, but so much better!

The soup had veggies, tofu, and green onions in a spicy-ish broth. My mom thought this was the best part of the meal!

The sort of egg rolls....these were incredible!

This was the entree I ordered: salmon with veggies and a chili-curry sauce! I was worried this would be too spicy, but they assured me that they only use a little chili paste. The taste of salmon and curry together was definitely unique, but I loved it!

Mom's dish = basil shrimp with veggies! I got a little jealous when her dish was so much more colorful and prettier than mine, but I actually thought mine was tastier :)

And of course we got a dessert. When I went to this restaurant over the summer, they had fresh mango over sticky rice for dessert, which was amazing! They didn't have that today (mango's out of season I guess..), but they had pumpkin custard over sticky rice! Mmmm...

They gave us coupons with our check!!! Great excuse to go back soon!

I was excited to hear that Barney Butter is supposed available at Fresh Market now. Since there is a Fresh Market near where my parents live in Marietta, I asked my mom to look for it before she came. She said that the one near us didn't have Barney Butter, but she did bring me this:

A BIG container of almond butter freshly ground in the store! So yummy, but I'm still really curious to try Barney Butter because I hear it has a different texture and taste...

The almond butter in action! (With toast, banana slices, and cinnamon). I am eating this right now. I really need to get out of the habit of eating while blogging because it makes my computer sticky, but it's so hard to write about food and not be eating it! Does anyone else have this problem?

Also, my good friend is having a cocktails and dessert party for his 22nd birthday on Monday. I'm supposed to bring a dessert, and I want it to be really delicious, but not too complicated. Any suggestions??


Leah said...

I love all the food pictures on your blog. I have to make sure I'm not hungry when I read it though! These pictures make me want to run out and get Thai food... and it's only 9 am!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! Always happy to find a new reader and blogger! I'll be checking in:) PUMPKIN CUSTARD?!awesome. Thanks a/b my kitchen! I just wish I could move in NOW.

Astra Libris said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! :-) I sympathize with the blogging and eating conundrum - my favorite time to blog is in the mornings with a bowl of cereal, and I'm always worried that a bit of milk (or coffee! :-) will splash onto the keyboard... ;-)

Mmmm, your Thai lunch looks incredible!! I love the idea of a salmon curry...

Reeni♥ said...

Your lunch looks amazing, great presentations! Whenever I try to eat and blog my food ends up cold or uneaten! I was thinking of a Fruit Pizza or a Blueberry Crumble but it sounds kind of fancy!

Erin said...

i really like your blog! just came across it and all your food looks so good. the thai looks amazing!!

i wish i could be an avid runner.. the most i've ever run is 5 i'm trying to get to double digits someday. if onlyyyy

well hope to read more in the future

@ shopeatblog