Happy Inauguration Day!

Thought I was going to miss the inauguration today because of my class schedule, but some friends and I were able to watch it on one of our laptops between classes. Thanks facebook for streaming CNN live! Obama finished his speech just before our next class started. What an inspiring historical moment! This was the first presidential that I really followed and cared about and voted! And I loved the Aretha Franklin and Yo-Yo Ma performances :)

I went impulse grocery shopping at Walmart after class because a friend had told me about these Wild Alaskan Salmon fillets that are individually vacuum sealed and frozen! I got a bag of 4 fillets for about $5!! I also bought strawberries and blueberries for $3 each and Roasted Pine Nut Sabra Hummus for less than $3!

I also found a new Kashi flavor: Mayan Harvest Bake

It has plantains, black beans, sweet potato, and kale with Kashi 7 whole grain pilaf, polenta, and spicy ancho sauce! I'm very excited about this flavor, and I will review here whenever I try it!

Later in the afternoon, I couldn't brave the deathly coldness outside for a run, so I went to our school gym and ran around the 1/8 mile indoor track. The gym is always packed at this time of day! It's kinda fun see how many times I can lap the sorority girls that dress up to go to the gym, but this is definitely not my favorite way to run. It does beat the treadmill, but two 20 minute intervals was about all I could stand (did some abs and push ups in between). Despite the crowds and the monotony of running around a little circle, I like going to the gym because it motivates me to do things like ab work and stretching, which I don't normally do on my own.

Made a delicious dinner tonight:

Amy's California Veggie Burger over spinach and topped with sliced tomato. I served it with sauteed orange pepper, fresh cucumber, and avocado. This is by far my favorite kind of veggie burger, and the avocado was a perfect addition!

Didn't take a picture of this, but last night for dessert I had an apple pie Lara bar that I crumbled up and put whipped cream on! It was incredible

Tonight's dessert:

Caramel ice cream topped with sliced strawberries and whipped cream and cinnamon! I was craving this after seeing something similar on Meghann's blog (Inner Working of a College Graduate). Food blogs have really been affecting my food cravings in a good way. I feel like I sometimes get into food ruts and reading blogs inspire me want to eat something new everyday!


Anonymous said...

Oh a new kashi flavor?! That one sounds good. Kashi frozen meals are the best!

I'm so jealous that you got strawberries for $3, I cn't find them out here for less than $5!

Reeni♥ said...

I bought some strawberries for 3$ too and blueberries for 99 cents, woohoo. Your veggie burger looks yummy and so do your desserts. Great deal on Salmon, have to check that one out.

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Isn't if funny how much other bloggers inspire our eats. I eat something I learned about in the blog world daily. Love my fellow bloggers!

You scored big time at Wal-Mart. They have the best prices, and I wished I was closer to one. They are all pretty far away. :(

Do you ever shop at Costco? They have wild Alaskan salmon patties in their frozen food section. They are so good. They sell the same brand at Whole Foods, but they are of course much cheaper at Costco.

Love all the whipped cream action. I always have some type of sweet with a little dollop every night myself. I bet it was delicious on the Larabar!

Happy Wednesday!