Baking Disaster + Yummy Desserts!

Last night I picked out this almond blondie triangle recipe to bring to my friend's cocktail and dessert party! I was very excited-- almonds + white chocolate...what could be better?? APRICOTS!! So my roommate and I added some dried apricots. The batter tasted amazing, and it had an almond crust. This is what it looked life before going into the oven:

Fluffy batter with toasted almonds and dried apricots :)

And then after:

What??!?! Top was burt crisp and inside was not cooked AT ALL! And we were late! I had no idea what we did wrong until I was looking over the recipe today....we left out 1 1/4 cups flour. Whoops. I feel dumb. I guess we were in a hurry!

I threw this plate together and ran off to the party:

Brie, cinnamon graham crackers, dried apricots, strawberries, and grapes

Here are some of the highlights from the party:

Chocolate covered strawberries!! These were my favorite!

Dark chocolate truffles in chocolate cups with orange peel. These were divine!

Fruit pizza...yum!

And of course there were cocktails. I had a pomegranate martini :)

So it was a good night, despite our baking mishap! I imagine that most food bloggers are more experienced cookers/bakers than me, but I would love to hear any of your cooking disasters!

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Anonymous said...

I'm totally bad about baking, I always forget to mix the wet and dry ingredients SEPARATELY before live and ya learn ;)

Oooo pomegranate martinis are my favorite!

Meg said...

Sorry about your baking disaster. I have had many, including a pudding pie that was watery in the center when we cut into it!

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

Thanks for the shout out!

and i think brie is the best thing to bring to a party anyway ;)

Kelly Turner

Reeni♥ said...

I'm sorry about your blondies!! They sound so good, you should make them again. Those desserts look yummy!! I have been wanting to make a fruit pizza for days now, I have a ton of fresh fruit to eat up. I had a baking disaster with a three tiered almond-strawberry cake that I spent a lot of time making. It had the texture of rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

yummm chocolate covered strawberries!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Sorry about the baking mishap, but hey, the eats at the party look awesome!! I totally want a pomegranate martini now :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! Sorry to hear about the recipe! The rest of the spread looks DELISH!

Thanks for the comment on my blog! It lead me to yours which I love :)

lauren said...

sorry about the baking mishap - happens to me all the time! the fruit pizza looks delish!