Forgot my camera cord....

I am back in Athens for the semester, and I realized I left my camera cord at home! I took some yummy food pics I am excited about, but that will have to wait until I get my cord back (Mom is mailing it, thank you!). 

I went on a Trader Joe's shopping spree before coming back (there is no Trader Joe's here) and found some really great things! 

Items I am most excited about:
  • Frozen steel cut oatmeal- heats up in 2 minutes!
  • Big bag of wild arugula- can't wait to make a good salad
  • Sun-dried tomato hummus- this stuff is incredible!
  • Pomegranate seeds
  • Pre-made salad with roasted veggies and chicken
  • Ezekiel bread- never tried this before, but it looks good and really healthy!
  • Whole grain and flax tortillas
  • Red, yellow, orange bell peppers
  • Lots of beans- cannellini, garbanzo, black beans
  • Indian carrot lentil soup- new item :)
  • Greek yogurt - I want to try this with the pomegranate seeds
  • Brown rice fusilli- pasta made from brown!
  • Pre-cut butternut squash- because butternut squash is delicious, and I am lazy
After I get my camera cord back, I will post a picture of my delicious lunch I made from some of my Trader Joe's finds. But for now, check out this enlightening blog post from Casual Kitchen called "41 Ways You Can Help the Environment from your Kitchen." Here are a few things I learned/ my favorite tips from the post.

"Keep the oven door closed": So no peaking at cookies (or blondies). I need to work on this.

"Never turn on hot water for brief use and use cold water for almost all of your kitchen tasks": When you run the hot water tap, most of the water you heated up never makes it out of the faucet, it just cools back down in the pipes, wasting energy that you paid for. This makes a lot of sense but is something I've never thought about before. Casual Kitchen blogger says he only uses hot water to wash dishes that have come in contact with meat.

"Eat more local foods": This summer, Athens, GA got a farmer's market where local farmers would bring there fresh produce every Saturday. The difference in taste of a tomato that was picked ripe yesterday then one you buy in the grocery store is have to try it! And when your food doesn't have to travel far, it reduced gas emissions. There are too many reasons to list right now about why eating local is good for you and the environment. Here in Athens, I started volunteering for an organization called PLACE (Promoting Local Agriculture and Cultural Experiences) that started up the farmer's market, I have learned a lot about sustainable agriculture, but that will have to be whole different post... 

"Adopt part-time vegetarianism": I am by no means a vegetarian. I eat everything, but I try to eat mainly fruits, veggies, nuts, and legumes because it is healthier for me and the environment. I got a book for Christmas called the Flexitarian Diet, which pretty much describes the way I eat. It is a diet rich in plant products but flexible enough to include animal products occasionally.

"Invite neighbors or friends over instead of going out to eat": Dinner parties are way more fun than going to a restaurant! Offer to cook a main dish at your home, and get each friend to bring either an appetizer, a dessert, or wine, and Voila! You just saved money and energy costs of you all driving to a restaurant! 

P.S.- Life is about to get crazy with school, new job, and triathlon training. Eating good food is a priority of mine, so I will try to share my eats with you as much as possible! I have fun posting on this, and I hope you all enjoy reading!


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Hey thanks for coming by my blog! I like yours =)
ooh cool stuff from TJ's! i haven't tried the sun-dried tomato hummus~ and good call on the pre-cut butternut squash :)