I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike...

Tomorrow the high is 64 degrees!! Yay!!! I am so sick of this freezing weather. Its been awhile since I had the courage to ride my bike due to coldness, but on Friday I am going on a ride with some girls from triathlon club, and I am so excited! What a perfect start to the weekend!

This song always makes me smile...

I've been missing getting fresh fruits, veggies, and bread at the Athens Farmer's Market, which only runs May-November. But the dietitian that works for our school's health center did a presentation at one of my club meetings yesterday, and she told us about a website where you can order produce from local farms online! You order what you want on Monday and Tuesday, and you pick it up on Thursday. She said that her favorite thing to buy is the freshly laid eggs. I've never eaten an egg not bought from the supermarket, and now I'm really curious to try one! I know how much better homegrown fruits and veggies taste than the ones in the store, but I can't imagine what a non-commercially produced fresh egg would taste like! Have any of you ever tried one before?

I've been pretty busy and haven't made any blog worthy meals, but I do have some snacks to talk about:

I tried a Kashi Chocolate Coconut bar today. Couldn't resist this in the store! I Check it out:

This was pretty good for only 120 calories. (Also has 4 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein). My main disappointment was that bar didn't have as many walnuts on it as the picture on the box. But overall, I really liked it. I'm usually impressed with Kashi products.

I've been obsessed with this find:

Tiny Tolberone dark chocolate bars!!! I love the little almond nougats in Tolberone chocolate! This picture looks a little funny, but I got impatient trying to make it look right, so I finally just ate the chocolate :)

And I've been eating lots of these: 

Salted deluxe mix nuts (no peanuts). These are super addicting!! 

I plan on making some real food soon. I'm not sure what I will make yet, but it will be delicious and easy and I will post the recipe!

Also, Veggie Belly is doing an awesome giveaway of Malbec Jam and Ducle de Leche from Argentina. Yum! You can enter until the 24th :)


Cioara Andrei said...
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Reeni♥ said...

Fresh eggs are amazing!! They taste better, the yolk is a vibrant color and baking with them produces wonderful results. My quiche come out fluffier and creamier and just about melt in your mouth. Have fun on your bike ride!