Things to do before I die

A long time ago, I made a list of "things to do before I'm 25," which I have since revised to "things to do before I die" when I realized that turning 25 does not mean that you are too old to do fun and crazy things. One goal I keep putting on and taking off the list is to run a marathon. I love half-marathons, but the marathon intimidates me. To state the obvious, 26.2 miles is a really long way to run!  And I don't think it's healthy for your body either. That's a lot of mileage and a lot of stress on your joints.  I thought that maybe I could replace doing a triathlon with my marathon goal, but after doing a few triathlons, I still can't get the dream of running a marathon out of my head. Recently I was very inspired by this video. She had 6 kids, and she ran a marathon!! I have no excuse!

So the Rock and Roll San Diego Marathon is May 31, 2009. This is perfect timing because if I start training in a couple weeks, then I have plenty of time to do a Runner's World training plan. I just need to find someone willing to go across the country and run 26.2 miles with me...

I do have some exciting upcoming races that I can definitely do!
  1. Nachez Trace Triathlon 3/22/09- I'm a little worried about the water being cold since this is in March, but I'll wear a wet suit and survive the coldness. This is one that UGA Triathlon Club is doing, so I will go with them.
  2. ING Georgia Half Marathon 3/29/09- Because I love half-marathons, and I've never done this one before. It goes through downtown Atlanta and some historic neighborhoods.
  3. Country Music Half Marathon 4/25/09- I did this one last year with my mom and my sister. It's a great race!
  4. Memphis in May 5/16-5/17- Also a triathlon I'll do with the club. This one sounds fun! It's part of a big month long celebration in Memphis. After the race they have barbeque, music, and prizes :)

This is a picture of me finishing my first triathlon. I love this pic despite the fact that it is the scariest I have ever seen my face! Even though I look like I might vomit, I am experiencing an incredible adrenaline and endorphins rush (aka runner's high)! Running is by far my best leg of the triathlon. If anyone has tips on marathon training, I'd love to hear them!

"It's not about speed and gold medals. It's about refusing to be stopped." Amby Burfoot

Other things on my list to do before I die include more traveling (Asia, Africa, South America), sky diving, although I did jump off a cliff in Switzerland, which is just as scary:

180 ft canyon jump in the Alps = pure exhilaration!!

I'm working on expanding my list of things to do before I die to include foods I must try at least once. Recently I checked swordfish off this list (see Dec. 29 post), but I still need to try truffles (mushrooms, not chocolate) and caviar (probably over-rated, but need to try once). I also want to try more exotic fruits and gourmet cheeses. I'm more hesitant to try different meats...venison and duck are probably the most adventurous meats I've tried, but I think I would like to try rabbit. That's all I can think of right now, but I'm sure there are more foods that I should experience in my lifetime.

What foods do you want to try at least once before you die?


Anonymous said...

Wow! That pic of you jumping in the Alps is incredible! What a cool experience.

Also re: your comment on my blog - Do you have a Whole Foods near you? They most definitely have WWPF!

healthy ashley said...

Great photos! I just watched the marathon mom video and now I'M inspired to run one! best of luck with whatever you decide!