Good Eats in Nashville!

I just got back last night from spending the whole weekend in Nashville with my sister! I really wanted to go visit her before school got crazy with midterms, spring break, etc. I had a great time, and I ate some great food! For breakfast on Saturday, we went to a restaurant across the street from her dorm called Noshville. They had a huge menu with pages of breakfast and lunch items. I got overwhelmed and ordered scrambled eggs with toast and fruit. This sounds very non-foodie, but check out how I dressed it up:

I spread cream cheese and blackberry jam on their whole wheat bread (so fresh and delicious!) and topped it with the eggs and some pepper! Yum!

Next stop was Las Paletas for popsicles.  These aren't ordinary popsicles, which are usually just artificially flavored ice on a stick; these are fresh and creative gourmet popsicles! The restaurant was featured on Bobby Flay Throw-Down, and Las Paletas' popsicles were judged better than Bobby Flay's! My sister got the chocolate wasabi popsicle, which was very chocolately with a kick of spiciness at the end. They also have a bunch of fruit flavored ones with real chunks of fruit in them! I was tempted to try the avocado flavor, but I ended up choosing a yogurt popsicle with nuts, granola, and dried fruit:

Best. Popsicle. Ever.

Dinner was at a small, nearby Mediterranean restaurant. Mediterranean is probably my favorite type of cuisine...mainly because I am obsessed with hummus! All the food we got was amazing!

Jalapeno hummus with warm pita bread for an appetizer.

The veggie platter: falafel, tabouli, rice and lentils, and more hummus :)

On Sunday we walked to Cafe Cocoa, one of my sister's favorite restaurants. It was 60 degrees outside and beautiful!

By the way, all of these restaurants are included on the meal plan for Vanderbilt! They get a certain amount of money to spend at local restaurants in addition to meals in the dining hall! This is very unfair (really wish it was like this at UGA), but I benefited from it this weekend because my sister used her meal money to feed me...thanks! 

Anyway, here is the delicious food (and drinks) we got at Cafe Cocoa:

A perfect cappuccino. This reminded me of Europe. It was not like a cappuccino at Starbucks that is basically just a latte with extra foam. This was good quality espresso with just a little steamed milk and a thick layer of creamy foam. Divine!

Fruit cup that came with my meal.

I ordered the "Lovin' Bagel." Fresh whole wheat bagel with pesto, tomato, egg, and swiss cheese!

Sister ordered a ham sandwich with spinach, cheese, and pesto on focaccia bread. This was much flavor!

And since it was so nice and warm outside, we decided to walk to Yogurt Oasis afterward (also on her meal plan!). They usually have really creative frozen yogurt flavors (sis says she has had butterscotch, kahlua, coconut...). They didn't have any really exciting flavors when we went yesterday, but it was still tasty! I was intending on getting a modest cup of fro yo, but this turned into a massive cup within seconds! It is impossible to get a small cup of frozen yogurt there... you fill your own cup, and the fro yo comes out so fast!! Not that I'm complaining though....I can eat lots of ice cream, so this was not a problem :)

My cup: strawberry and vanilla fro yo with blackberries, heath bar, chocolate sprinkles, and white chocolate sauce. Oh yes!

Now I'm back in Athens and trying to catch up on school work. Hope you all enjoyed your weekends!

Also, Hangry Pants is having a contest to win a free jar of almond butter. Yum!!


Anonymous said...

i can't believe all that stuff was on a meal plan ... my mouth is watering. chocolate wasabi popsicle? that sounds like a party for the taste buds.

one of my best friends from college actually lives in athens now -- she's doing a social psych phd at uga -- and i've visited a few times. i love it there!

Anonymous said...

you, girl, are CORRECT. it is NEVER too cold for fro yo! however, i feel like i would have enjoyed it more in that beautiful nashville weather! i love all your great eats (especially that popsicle! granola, nuts, and tried fruit? sounds AMAZING)

i absolutely cannot wait for the weather to warm up again. winter seems like a drag.

VeggieGirl said...

Wow, what a fabulous meal plan you have!! And I too am obsessed with hummus :-)

Good luck with your schoolwork!!

Sara said...

I'm obsessed with hummus too - everything looks so good!

Meg said...

So much yummy food, especially that popsicle!

Anonymous said...

Okay - I've wanted to go to Nashville for a while now. After seeing all these yummy eats (esp. that popsicle!!) I've decided I NEED to go there!! Glad you guys had fun :)

Reeni♥ said...

What an amazing meal plan. The food is so yummy looking and fresh and healthy!!! I love Bobby Flay's throwdown, so cool that you went there!!

Britt said...

Apparently I choose the wrong college- my meal plan options were definitely not as good as your sisters. The popsicle and fro yo look awesome. Love frozen yogurt!

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Ugh, I wish I would have known you were going to be here this weekend as I live about a mile from Vanderbilt's campus. Please email me next time you're in gotta try the avocado popsicle. It's my all-time favorite! I'm glad you had a good time - I love my hometown!

Burp and Slurp~! said...

yogurt popsicle? sounds amazing! that wasabi choc thing sounds really interesting too, I think I might have gotten that just to satisfy my curiosity!
and hey, what's wrong with scrambled eggs and toast? the perfect comfort food, I say!