Forget love...I'd rather fall in chocolate!

My blogger valentine came today!! It's from Sarah at Tales of Expansion. All edible treats contained dark chocolate...that's what I call a valentine!

Check out the cute wrapping and note :)

Dark chocolate cranberries and and 85% caoco dark chocolate bar!

This chocolate bar is super intense! I love it! But the dark chocolate cranberries are my favorite!! Think big plump cranberries (not crasin-like) coated in chocolatey goodness! They are like gourmet raisinets :)

A cute cupcake candle!! 

This is not edible. I thought it was a truffle at first before I noticed the wick, and I broke off a little piece and tried to eat it....whoops! Doesn't taste good, but smells like a mocha! Mmm..

I also got these adorable little notebooks! 

The one on the right says, "Je prends mon temps" (aka "I take my time" in English). Love it! I've never mentioned this on the blog before, but actually used to take French in high school and I really miss it!

Chocolate Flashback:

This is me next to a GIANT CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN in Belgium a couple summers ago. 

The really good chocolate + the French message reminded me of this day. Also, my friend in the picture (who I met in Europe) was visiting me in America at this time last year :)

Thank you Sarah!!! What a fun valentine!


Anonymous said...

What a great package!! Cute candle :)

Anonymous said...

you're welcome!! i'm glad you like it. i probably should have alerted you to fact that the candle was a candle :-). i actually did the same exact thing with chocolate-shaped soaps i got for christmas, whoops!