Salad Snob

I love a truly good salad. Essential ingredients = really fresh veggies and a simple homemade vinaigrette. Good quality cheese, fresh (or dried) fruit, and nuts are some of my favorite additions that can add a lot of flavor even when you just use a little.

Things I think do not belong in salads: [Disclaimer: yes, I am a food snob]
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Low-fat cheeses 
  • Bacon bits (doesn't taste like bacon, unsure of what these really are...)
  • Croutons from a box (homemade croutons = much better)
  • Ranch dressing (or really any commercially bottled dressing)
Once I learned how delicious and easy it is to make my own salad dressing, it became one of my favorite things to make. My default salad dressing that I make at least once a week consists of balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and a squirt of Dijon.  Only 3 ingredients, tastes delicious, and no need to measure. I love it :)

I branched out a little from my usual dressing when I found this great video demonstration while browsing NY Times online. It's made by one of their food writers who lives in a tiny apartment in NY city with a 11.5 square foot apartment. She is cute and funny and makes a simply amazing salad!! I had to make this salad immediately after watching this video, and it was the best salad I have had in a while. (It was also my first attempt at candied walnuts, which was very successful!) The salad dressing had walnut oil, olive oil, sherry vinegar, and Dijon mustard. She also dressed the salad by drizzling the dressing around the bowl (not on the salad) and then tossing it with her bare hands. Awesome!

I wanted to embed the video, but I am a novice blogger, and a little technologically retarded, so here is a link: Tiny Kitchen: Not-Greek Roquefort Salad. Hope you all are as inspired as I was and would love to hear about your favorite salads! And I promise I won't judge (too much) if you like ranch dressing...

Oh, and I am very excited because tonight I taking my dad to the Atlanta Fish Market! I plan on taking pictures and posting about it tomorrow :)


VeggieGirl said...

I'm a total food snob too, haha - hell yes for homemade salads and dressings!! :-)

Have fun with your dad at the market!!

♥Reeni said...

One of my fave salads has diced apples, dried cranberries, walnuts, grilled chicken and a homemade honey-mustard. I do occasionally get a craving for Ranch dressing-I like it with a bbq chicken salad.