End of Holidays + Really Good Seafood!!

First of all, I just wanted to say that I am loving this 60 degree weather in December! Great running weather! A friend and I rediscovered this gorgeous trail by the river that we used to run in high school, but they have since expanded it a little. Instead of the trail dead ending into a bunch of trees, it now leads you to this area next to some gigantic rocks overlooking the river. It was breathtaking!

Ok, now onto the food...

Before December is over, I would like to share some things I've been enjoying at home over the holidays. My mom was enticing me to hurry home after finals by telling me a had a surprise from Trader Joe's waiting for me. And it was.....

Gingerbread coffee! I've been enjoying this with a generous splash of milk every morning. Great incentive to get out of bed :)

We also have Trader Joe's cinnamon toasted almonds (little brother picked these out...nice job!) and egg nog ice cream!

Topped with whipped cream, freshly ground nutmeg, and pirouette wafers. Yes, Edy's can be gourmet!

Also, over the holidays I heard that Lara bar makes a gingersnap flavor! I went all over looking for one: none at Publix, none at Trader Joes, none at Fresh Market, but I finally found one at Kroger! Still on the search for a pumpkin spice Cliff bar. Haven't seen on of those yet...

Anyway, last night we had a fabulous dinner! We went to the Atlanta Fish Market, which had an enormous selection of fresh fish. They also had a lot of sushi, which we might have to go back and try another time. My favorite fish of all time is salmon (especially cedar plank salmon...oh yes!), but I decided that this would be a great place to try something new.  I had never had swordfish before, so I got the swordfish entree, which consisted of Carolina corn grits, green beans, mushroom, and cashew crusted black pepper swordfish. The waitress smiled when I ordered, which was a good sign.... it was incredible!
My dad got sole sauteed in a brown butter sauce, and my sister got broiled red snapper.

The red snapper.

The sole.

They were all incredibly fresh and perfectly cooked, but I think mine was the best :)
Oh, and of course we got dessert:

Chocolate Mousse Cake!!!! Can't even describe how delicious...omg I love chocolate!!

Ok that's all for now. I could talk about food all day, but now I'm going to go take my bike in to get a tune up! Thanks for reading!

P.S. Check out new pics on the side!!


VeggieGirl said...

Looooovin' all the desserts!! And hooray for adding more photos!! :-)

Esi said...

That looks like quite an amazing dinner. I didn't know TJs had gingerbread coffee. That's a good find!

♥Reeni said...

Everything looks fabulous, especially that eggnog ice cream, yum!!